Big B Online - South African online marketing specialists

Big B Online exists both as a group of people on good old terra firma and in Cyberspace too. Yes, you will find us in our offices, but on the internet you will find the fruits of our labour.

Why you want to deal with Big B Online

If you have a need to be found online, and if you want to create a good web presence, we have geared our staff to be able to fill your needs within this niche. We will design a website for you, buy the domain for you, host it for you, and most of all we will help you to be found by the very visitors you wish to attract.

Gambling Affiliates

We originally set up Big B Online to service our own group of websites. We create informative websites and carry advertising on behalf of many online casinos, poker rooms, and bingo halls. We have grown though and now share the knowledge of optimising a website to perform well in the search engines with our clients. Potential advertisers for both affiliate style marketing as well as paid advertising campaigns are free to contact us for further details.

The Social Angle

Marketing online taught us that to get a visitor, was to get a potential customer too. We decided that, rather than simply taking and never giving anything in return, our websites would not only be informative (as our gambling style sites are), but that we could create websites that were of use to the community as well. To this end we created South African Sites which has now grown to be quite active in many spheres. Within this website we will steer our visitors to pages where they can buy a car, sell a car, buy a house, sell a house, find a job, or advertise a job too. We also created a lovely forum where the day to day problems of a South African citizen can be discussed. We added a whole load of free flash games for our visitors to enjoy as well.

The Responsibility Angle

We also discovered that many South Africans who gamble online are extremely wealthy. We thus set up Do Unto Others, a childrens charity website where the wealthy can give to abused and forgotten children. Heaven knows there are a lot of them out there. Will those who can afford to do so please consider some support for the charity?